May 14, 2020 – With fewer options for outside interaction I’m afforded more time to reflect on the subject of stakeholders and valuation. I’m convinced a business can claim a higher value when it pays attention to all stakeholders.

I’ve followed Craft Brewing for several years. This industry understands the importance of all the stakeholders. The support I’ve seen for many breweries is inspiring. Everyone is pulling together to make the best of a difficult situation. It is giving Craft Breweries a fighting chance.

You can easily witness customers, employees and the communities coming together. Because the customer and community support is so great I know of instances where the employees are making more income now because of generous customer tips.

This is something for all business owners to consider as they reflect on what will help them return to normal whatever that might be. Take care of the stakeholders and they will take care of you. It brings greater value and stability to your company.

Doug Marshall – Seattle, WA

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