The challenge for many advisors is learning how to successfully engage business owners in the first place.  From the business owners’ perspective, the planning issues and number of different advisors to their business (e.g. attorneys, CPAs, bankers, insurance brokers, financial advisors, etc.) is a confusing and disorganized process.  Unfortunately, too many advisors approach business owners with pre-selected solutions…a hammer looking for a nail to hit.

At Marshall | Viliesis we partner with you for a better engagement process that begins with answering the most fundamental question on the mind of every business owner: “Am I doing better today than yesterday?”  A Fair Market Valuation is the most comprehensive answer to this question, combining key performance indicators like revenues, sales, expenses, debt ratios, etc.  Before now, valuations have been and expensive and time consuming process and only a snap-shot in time.  Now with BizEquity’s patented software, we can deliver accurate valuations fast and inexpensively.

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