If you are a sole proprietor chances are you can find a Single Advisor who can take care of most of your planning needs. Your Advisor can be a General Practitioner and will refer you out on occasion to other experts when needed. If your enterprise is a large private or publicly traded company chances are you can find the expertise you need in a Full Service Consulting Firm. Like the Mayo Clinic the Full Service firm has representatives in all of the disciplines of risk managment, tax and legal, to name a few.

This leaves all other businesses with the dilemma of finding and trying to coordinate multiple advisors to get the planning solutions they need. This creates frustration for the owner and is often the reason the planning does not get done, is incomplete or not properly coordinated. They are too large for a Single Advisor and the Full Service Firms are too expensive for their needs.

It does not have to be this way if Business Owners require Planning Partners to work together for the benefit of the business. Partnership is one of the Three Core Principles at Marshall+Viliesis. Something to think about.

Your business is your most important asset. Value and Protect it with the right Planning Partners.

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