Your business is your most important asset. You need advisors who are committed to delivering the right advice and the best answers.

This is why at Marshall+Viliesis one of our Three Principles is Partnership. We know we can not deliver the best Business Value Protection Planning without other Financial Professionals, Attorneys and CPA’s.

We agree with Ray Dalio. The goal is getting the best answer. This is true if you are a business owner or an advisor.

Commitment to partnering with the best people always results in a better outcome for our business owner clients.

You can also think of this as a team approach. Large companies may have the resources to afford a full service consulting firm with all of the disciplines represented. Most businesses use multiple advisors who do not belong to the same firm. They need to be brought together. Define the mission.

Advisors work best together when committed to a common goal or objective. Require them to focus on the objective of protecting the value of your business, your most important asset. It must be the central theme at all times.

Avoid – “Mission Creep” – Stay focused.

Running a business is hard enough. Finding advisors who are willing to work together in partnership with advisors in different disciplines will bring you more success in planning and greatly reduce your frustration level.

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