In 2020 we witnessed business owners adapt and fight to keep the doors open. We are constantly reminded of the importance of Small and Medium Sized Businesses (SMB) as we reflect back on the challenges faced in the past year. The success of SMB’s is critical to everyone in the communities they serve.

Our Message to Business Owners

First of all we know your business is important to you, your family and the causes you support. Your business is your largest asset and the primary source of income supporting your family’s lifestyle. But you know your business is much more than what it delivers to you personally, your business is a part of your community.

You are a job creator and your employees support other local businesses and they pay their taxes. Your customers and suppliers depend on you too. These relationships contribute to the economic well-being of the local community and to a better quality of life for everyone. We are grateful and in debt to you for your contributions.

Large businesses cannot thrive without the agility and support of small business on many levels. Your business adapts more quickly and innovates faster than larger businesses are able to. All of us need to remind our Local, State and National representatives of this every day. 

Marshall+Viliesis is committed to owners of Small and Medium Sized Businesses. Our vision is to protect every closely held business owner’s value and income with a Business Value Protection Plan. This gives the business stability and sustainability. We also believe the financial services industry needs to commit to clear, concise and integrated planning for business owners.

Nearly 90% of business owners do not have a valuation or truly know the value of their business, 70% lack formal plans for succession or retirement and over 50% are underinsured in the event of death, disability, loss of a partner or loss of a key employee/stakeholder. The financial services industry has delivered complexity and our commitment is to simplify the process so you the business owner can spend more time working in and on your business. It is now more important than ever to make it easier for you the owner to protect your most valuable asset.

Thank you for all you do as a business owner for our local community and beyond. We seek to partner with you in your efforts to survive and thrive in this coming year and to make an impact in the recovery of our economy.

Peter Viliesis & Doug Marshall

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