Every business owner knows someday they will leave their business. Unfortunately a successful outcome is not always achieved. Arnie Hendricks has been a guide to many owners as they prepare to exit their business.

Arnie Hendricks has 30 years of senior management experience with a special focus in the financial and operational management of small to midsize companies. For the past 29 years he has independently consulted with over 350 companies, helping them solve issues which prohibit their profitable growth and prevent owners from increasing the value of their businesses.

Arnie has Empathy for his clients. He knows working hard to build a successful company often provides many rewards for the owner in both personal satisfaction and financial security. Too often however owners do not adequately plan for their exit from ownership and thus do not receive full value for the business they have built. Whether the exit involves family, management, or an external buyer – it takes time to properly implement an exit plan that assures the value is maximized and the legacy is preserved.

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