Craft Beer Distribution

I’ve never met Laura in person however we are connected because of our love for the Craft Brewing business. Laura is an Owner/Consultant of Customized Craft Beer Programs and a Co-Founder of Start A Brewery, an excellent resource for breweries in planning and those established.

Back in the spring of 2022 I listened in on an hour long presentation Laura did on Distribution for Craft Breweries, a presentation for the Craft Beer Professionals group. She knows her stuff. Her presentation was so well done I found it interesting even though I am not in the distribution end of the business. It offered great insight into the decisions Craft Breweries need to make about getting their brew to the customer. It helped me get a deeper understanding of the industry.

A few weeks back I sat down in a virtual meeting to follow up with Laura on her distribution presentation and she gave a great summary in just over ten minutes. We’ve embedded our short interview with her as well as her longer presentation.

Meet Laura
Laura Lodge on Distribution

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