What could possibly go wrong when buying or selling a business? Well as it turns out, quite a lot. Meet Business Broker Daniel Patten. In this video Daniel talks to us about the current state of the market and how it compares to a year ago. We go on to talk about some misconceptions owners and buyers have along with how to be better prepared as a buyer or a seller.

Early in our conversation I realized I could talk with Daniel for an hour or more on this subject.. We definitely agree on the importance of business valuation and in the importance of process. For the purposes of respecting our audiences time we kept it under 12 minutes, still I was able to coax a few nuggets of wisdom out of Daniel.

Most business owners spend the majority of their time working to grow the business and not enough time planning their end game strategy. At Marshall+Viliesis our job is to get you close to the finish line even if the unexpected happens. This is what we call Business Value Protection Planning™. Daniel is the person who gets you across the finish line with the best possible results. He can get you better results if you start preparing for your exit years ahead of time. Thank you for checking in and we hope you enjoy the next 12 minutes.

Daniel can be reached by Phone – 360-606-6226 and E Mail – Daniel.Patten@sunbeltnetwork.com

Thank you Daniel for your time! Looking forward to our next talk.

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