Thinking about selling your business in 2023? We caught up with Ryan Hemmert, Business Broker with Washington Business Brokers to talk to him about his recent article. All business owners know there will come a time when they must to decide on what is next for themselves and the business. One of the options is to sell it and often a guide is needed.. When should an owner seek the help of a guide like Ryan Hemmert? Consider the following:

  • You are thinking about selling your business and want to better understand levers to materially enhance business value
  • You want an independent, objective assessment of the value of your business based on comparable private transactions and market demand
  • You want your business marketed confidentially and professionally
  • You want to generate buyer activity and competition amongst buyers
  • You want an expert to vet buyer fit and financial capacity
  • You want transaction expertise to avoid deal pitfalls and maximize net at closing

This video gives you a chance to get to know Ryan a little bit. It also offers some good insights into what your journey will look like if you plan to sell your business.

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