Aswath Damodaran has taught me much about business valuation. On July 16, 2020 he held a Masterclass focused on the markets titled, A Crisis as Crucible: COVID Lessons Learned, Unlearned and Relearned. The first 47 minutes of this Masterclass is brilliant. If you are an investor, advisor or business owner you will hear from someone who has looked at the data to explain why the markets have behaved the way they have. There are lessons for the business owners and investors about how to understand the difference between price and value.

According to Aswath 3 things happen in every crisis:

  1. We lose perspective
  2. We lose faith
  3. We start reaching for answers

Mostly I post my own content. Today I want to share with you someone I consider to be a brilliant teacher and who is generous to a fault. Most everything Aswath teaches is available online. Not a week goes by where I do not check in to see if he has posted or written anything new. Let me know what you think. To make it convenient the slides are attached after the video. Enjoy!

Doug Marshall – August 24, 2020


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