If you are a business owner you might benefit from what we do at Marshall+Viliesis. Are we a good match for you? Well it depends and if we are a fit that is great! If we aren’t a fit then that’s okay too.

Our clients look like this. Their business makes up a significant portion of everything they own and the income from the business is critical to supporting the family’s lifestyle.

For you and your family your business is “too big to fail.” There is quite a bit on the line and not only for you. Your business is also critical to your employees and your community.

If something happens to you, a business partner or key employee much of your business value and income is at risk.

Everything we do for you is focused on protecting the value and income of the business and we accomplish this by taking you through a process. The process works because it focuses us on the work we need to do. The process keeps the planning on track and it saves time. We call what we do, Business Value Protection Planning. We built the process for you to equip you to make the best protection decisions and we built the process to make sure the work gets done.

It typically takes fifteen minutes to determine if we are a good fit for you. If you identify with the first pie chart then contact us using the form below and we will schedule a call with you.

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