I’ve been reading Seth Godin’s new book “The Practice” since it came out on November 3, 2020. In the book he examines and amplifies the importance of process in our work. Three quotes from the book jump out at me.

A good process can lead to good outcomes, but it does not guarantee them.

Seth Godin – The Practice

Focusing on outcomes at the expense of process is a shortcut that will destroy your work.

Seth Godin – The Practice

Process saves us from the poverty of our intentions.

Elizabeth King (Sculptor) – Quoted by Seth Godin in The Practice

Peter Viliesis and I know the quality of our work depends on being disciplined in a process. Business Value Protection Planning is a process not the solution. Here are a few takeaways from the quotes above.

The first quote reminds us we still need to do the work. Simply applying the process does not make the planning all smooth sailing. Within the process we must be committed to delivering clear messages. We still need to work with partners and make the effort to sort out the best ideas or solutions.

The second quote is profound. Far too often we see the temptation to alter the process to achieve a desired outcome. This results in shortcuts. Solutions, plans or outcomes will be better if they are born out of a disciplined process which helps us discover what is best.

Finally process helps us finish the work. The quote from Elizabeth King says the important work is what we are doing each day to find the answer or to create the solution. In her case it is art. It is the process which keeps us going and this is so much more important in protecting the value and the income of a business.

Process is discipline. Process even though it is hard work makes the planning easier in the end not to mention better because we did not miss something because we took a shortcut. Even though we have a well defined process we must work every day to work through the process. The temptation is always there to jump ahead by skipping a step.

Establishing a process is easy enough if you know what you are doing. Making is a good process takes work and experience. Sticking to the process is the most difficult thing about process.

Process is the first of three principles Peter Viliesis and I use for the foundation of the work we do at Marshall+Viliesis. You are always welcome to contact us for more information about how Business Value Protection Planning can help your business. We also welcome inquiries from advisors who have business owner clients and who might be interested in partnering with Marshall+Viliesis.

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