Craft Breweries – Part 1 of 5

We are sitting down for a pint in your Craft Brewery. Chances are you’ve been in business for less than ten years and chances are still good it’s been less than five. Tell me the story about you and your Craft Brewery. I want to know. More than 1,400 new breweries started up in California, Colorado and Washington State since 2011. This means there are 1,400 different stories to listen to in those three states alone.

When have you last taken the time to reflect on why you started and why you decided to take the risk? For many Craft Breweries 2020 has simply been a year of trying to survive. As you near the end of this challenging year it is worth reflecting on your business and what motivates you to press on.

To get you started here are some questions for you:

  1. Why did you start your Craft Brewery? Think back on your state of mind and your thinking. It is good to reflect and remember. It gives perspective.
  2. What has changed for you in the past year in how you view your business given all the challenges of 2020? Looking at what has changed for you and what has stayed the same can help you with the next question about what lies ahead.
  3. What is your vision for your Craft Brewery going forward? This is more than simply setting goals, it is about what changes you want/need to make to achieve success and to define it for you and your key stakeholders.

Give these questions some real thought and make some notes or journal your thoughts. Why did you start, what has changed and where are you going? In part 2 we will look at “The Community you Serve.”

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