Craft Breweries – Part 2 of 5

Your Craft Brewery serves and is a part of a diverse community. Now is a good time to reflect on everyone impacted by your business as we near the new year, 2021.

  • Your Family
  • Customers/Fans
  • Employees
  • Partners – Co-Owners
  • Suppliers
  • Investors
  • Causes you Support
  • Food Truck Partners

This business you’ve created is important to many people beyond your immediate family and it goes deeper into the community than many other businesses normally do. You have seen during this time of COVID how much your Customers want you to stay around. They’ve come directly and purchased your curbside offerings and tipped your employees generously. When your fans are allowed to wander into a bar they smile when they see your tap handle.

Making great beer, beer 🍺 loved by the people who consume it is your primary mission but don’t forget to reflect on the members of the community who contribute to your success and depend on your success. While you and others have struggled to survive you have created new ways of doing business and creating community. Yesterday before the rains came in I rode my bike to a craft brewery near where I live. It is outdoor seating only and I watched the people who came in their sweaters, hats, jackets and gloves to have a pint or two and to enjoy someone’s company.

You may have started a business but you wound up creating a community and this is important to keep in mind as you look toward to 2021. Thank you for all you have given and the passion you deliver, one glass at a time. It makes a difference.

Coming in part 3 – Growth

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