This Pie Chart represents what your business means to you, your family and key stakeholders. It symbolizes the reason you work hard on… and in… your business. Your business is typically your largest, most important asset and generates the majority of your income.  The Pie Chart is unique to you as a business owner. At Marshall+Viliesis our mission is to help you protect your business wealth and income through proper business planning.

Most business owners already have this image somewhere in their subconscious. Although there is nothing magical about the Pie Chart it is a powerful reminder of the importance to keep your most important planning current, complete and coordinated. It helps keep you and your team of tax, legal and financial advisors on point and on track when it comes to succession, retirement, estate and key stakeholder planning.

The Pie Chart is a simple and an enormously effective motivator to protect your business. What does your Pie Chart look like? Sometimes it just takes a simple picture to give you a different and needed perspective. We use it with all of our clients and it has a place in all of our discussions and in all of our interactions with other advisors to our clients. We have not found a better picture of you and your business.

You are always invited to schedule a time to talk to us at Marshall+Viliesis if you have questions, thoughts or insights about the Pie Chart and how it relates to you and your planning.

Value and Protect your business wealth and income.

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