How confident are you that your most valuable asset is protected? As a business owner, the majority of your wealth and income is likely derived from one primary asset.  While your primary goal everyday is growing your business, there are events beyond your control that may dictate how much of the wealth and income will be preserved.

Poor planning for events like death, disability, divorce, loss of a partner or loss of a key employee can drastically alter the financial future for either yourself, your family, your employees and / or your causes.   Many owners believe that things like Buy-Sell agreements, estate plans, and employee incentive plans are sufficient…once put in place… to protect them from loss.  The lack of the keeping these plans Current, Complete and Coordinated, however, is what makes good planning go bad.

How confident are you that your business wealth, income and legacy are fully protected?  Does the thought of managing your legal, tax, accounting, financial and risk management professionals frustrate you?  Do you have a process to keep everyone going in the same direction at the same time consistent with your vision and goals?

Smart business owners recognize the value in having someone coordinate their Succession, Retirement, Estate and Key Stakeholder planning.  They seek an experienced team who will review their current planning status, identify and evaluate their current team of advisors, and guide everyone as a team to bring all the pieces together using a proven process.

To learn more about our Business Value Protection Process, look at our video below and click here to learn more.

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