In 2013 Chris Mercer posted a series of articles about an idea he developed called the One Percent Solution. In 2014 Chris published Unlocking Private Company Wealth and it also described the application of the One Percent Solution in the management of private company wealth. The articles in 2013 are an update of a previously written free PDF book on the subject which is no longer available*.

“I developed the term as a vehicle to talk with clients about the value of valuation and other financial and estate planning activities conducted to manage (pre-liquid) private company wealth.” – Chris Mercer

The One Percent Solution is a game changer when it comes to helping business owners and their advisors understand how to approach managing the illiquid and concentrated wealth locked in the privately held business. We curated these posts to make it easier to find this transformative idea. We hope you will enjoy Chris’ generous work and benefit from the wisdom of the idea. Peter Viliesis and I welcome the opportunity to share with you how we are applying the One Percent Solution in our practice and how it has elevated our work with owners.

*NOTE – The PDF book offered in Chris’ post is no longer available online. The series has replaced it.

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1 – Introduction to Managing Private Company Wealth – The One Percent Solution – September 16, 2013
2 – Managing Private Wealth: Liquid Wealth, Diversification and Asset Allocation (The One Percent Solution) – September 23, 2013
3 – “Concentrate to Create; Diversify to Protect” and The One Percent Solution – September 25, 2017
4 – Managing Private Wealth: Illiquid, or Pre-Liquid Wealth in Private Businesses (The One Percent Solution) – September 27, 2013
5 – Managing Private Wealth: Managing Illiquid (Pre-Liquid) Wealth is a Big Deal (The One Percent Solution) – October 4, 2013
6 – Managing Private Wealth: 25 Questions of Business Owners (The One Percent Solution) – October 7, 2013
7 – Managing Private Wealth: The One Percent Solution Examined – October 23, 2013
8 – The One Percent Solution – Introducing 12 Strategies for Managing Private Wealth – October 28, 2017

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