Financial advisors warn us against making emotionally driven investment decisions in the stock market. Good advice. Owning your business, however, is different than owning shares of stock in a publicly traded company. It is impossible to separate the financial and emotional aspects of ownership when you have literally invested your heart and soul into the business. Embracing this helps when it comes to making decisions about your business.

The combination of the financial and emotional investments you have can often be a stumbling block to protecting the wealth, income and legacy of your business. One cannot control the other. Both levels of investment have their place. Properly considered and blended leads to a more effective planning outcome. You will feel more satisfied too.

Understanding this does not solve everything. Sometimes the financial needs to take priority over the emotional and yes it can be the other way around as well. Business Value Protection Planning™ is designed to consider both perspectives and help owners make the decisions best for them.

You have two levels of investment in your business. Respect them both, plan for both.

If this resonates you are invited to schedule a 30 Minute introduction call to see if Business Value Protection Planning™ is a good fit for you and your business.

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