In the last chapter of his book “Unlocking Private Company Wealth” Chris Mercer lists 25 thought provoking questions for business owners. They help them determine if they are treating their business as an investment.

Chris makes the observation in the introduction of the book that “many owners never get around to diversifying or even beginning a process of diversifying their wealth away from the their business.” At Marshall+Viliesis we find this not only puts an owner’s business wealth at risk it is a financial risk to all stakeholders.

We get it! Running a business is a full time job and there are family obligations as well. It is easy to put off the important planning to both protect and unlock your private company wealth. These 25 questions are a good place to start. They may provide the motivation you need to start. Chris is easy to read. He lays it out plainly and does not over explain but he does make you think.

Fortunately for all of us you can read the 25 Questions from a post on his website – CLICK HERE FOR The 25 QUESTIONS FOR BUSINESS OWNERS – It is not only owners who should read these questions. Who else should read these?

  • Advisors to Business Owners – Attorneys, CPA’s, Wealth Advisors, Insurance/Risk Advisors, Bankers, M&A & Business Brokers – You will be more valuable to owners when you work through the questions on an owner’s behalf.
  • Key Employees (Those on the Accountability Chart for EOS run companies) – Even if you don’t own any part of the business you have a stake in the business. Looking at the business from an owner’s wealth perspective will help you make better decisions for the business.
  • Family Members – Your lifestyle is supported by this business and you may even work in the business. It pays to understand what is going on and what you should know about this type of planning.

You should own a copy of the book and you can get a copy from the Chris Mercer website or via Amazon. Check out the 25 Questions via the link above. Let us know what you think. Perhaps you would like to talk with someone and Peter Viliesis and I are always at the ready to start a conversation whatever your role is.

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